Confidential Letter To Recruiters For Marketing

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January 19, 20––

Mark Williams
Executive Placements, Inc.
1825 Marine
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

Dear Mr. Williams:

This letter is difficult and painful for me to write. It is critical that you do not discuss this contact with anyone until we agree that it's in both our interests. My organization cannot know about this letter.

I build and run world-class marketing and customer service operations. A well-connected colleague (who assured me of your confidentiality), tells me that if anyone has an assignment for a VP-Marketing and/or Customer Service with a solid track record, it would be you. Some background:

  • My boss (the COO of this company and president of my division before), attracted me to this high-profile, technology-based startup. I'm VP-Marketing & Client Service. In less than a year (from scratch), I have built an outstanding marketing/service operation that is prepared to support a profitable scale-up and commercialization.
  • At my last organization (the Midwest Division of a telecommunications company you know), I also built the marketing department, driving five years of 30+% growth in revenue and volume. My multi-phased marketing strategy (incorporating the latest developments in niching and segmentation), was instrumental in creating a $1 billion (that's a "b", not an "m") business for the corporation. Then, after my appointment as Director of the Midwest Service Center (340 employees, $17 million operating budget, $390 million in revenue), I led the organization from 7th of 7 in productivity to 1st in less than a year.
  • While justifiably proud of my operational and staffing record, I am a highly proficient marketer and developer of technological products. The electronic couponing/point of sale products we are about to introduce may revolutionize retail trade in the U.S. -- and the world.

Why contact you now? My current firm is a great opportunity and a highly promising technology -- It's also a cash-eater. I'm concerned the second round of financing we require shortly may not come as easily as the first did. Can we talk soon? I know you're being swamped with paper in this market, but I suspect your client will want to hear more about me. I am a Northwestern MBA (with distinction) and a Rose-Hulman mechanical engineer (magna cum laude). And, I'll make your client money.


Robert M. Hayes, Jr.

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