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What's New and Cool Here

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A newsletter should be interesting, fascinating, and hard to put down. It should convey the feeling “The place is bursting, positively brimming with energy.” In fact, this letter actually says that. It was written in the early days of dotcom mania, when the whole idea of the Internet was hip-and-happenin.' The key is to find something TODAY that you can write about with excitement.

What’s COOL

    This headline is a take-off on Internet language, where everything is either *hot* or *cool.* Nevertheless, there’s excitement here at CareerLab.  The career center is overflowing with good ideas/new technology to make career management and job search more FUN and productive.  If you haven’t been in for a while, here are the highlights:

Our new Internet site:  www.careerlab.com
    300-pages of career and human resources material online. Linked to the 15 BEST Career Sites on the Web,” and to The 10 BEST Human Resources Sites on the Web. Contains 50 FREE previously-published career management and human resources articles by TheCareerAdvisor.

Knocking on 225,000 Doors
    In the past, job candidates called their friends to say they were looking for work.  They still do that, but today we upload their resumes into 100 electronic talent banks worldwide, reaching more than 225,000 computers out there.  Why search locally when you can search globally just as easily?

Imagine 1,000,000 Visitors per Month
    America Online has 6,000,000 members, and we are partners in their Career Center, which receives 1,000,000 visitors per month.  I’ve re-written my bestselling book, "200 Letters for Job Hunters" (Ten Speed Press) for America Online.  Now any job candidate can access the entire book online, find a letter, and download and edit it in a matter of seconds.  There is no charge for this, except for the AOL membership.  In addition, AOL members can chat with me online, ask simple questions, and their questions are answered by e-mail, usually the same day.  To find the “RED HOT COVER LETTERS” collection on AOL from the main menu, go to keyword CAREER CENTER, then scroll down the menu to RED HOT COVER LETTERS.

Computer Skills Training
    Far better than stand-up classroom instruction or boring video training, our interactive video/PC-based training teaches 28 courses, including the Microsoft suite of products.   It gives a diagnostic test to determine skill level, then provides lessons in 10-15 minute “learning bytes.”  Progress checks give immediate feedback.  Result:  30% more learning in 40% less time and at 30% less cost than conventional classroom instruction.  Only $190 per course, and you can run the software on your own PC at home.

Where are the Executive Recruiters?
    We take the drudgery out of contacting recruiters (headhunters).  We’ve created a database of more than 5,000 recruiting firms, which classifies recruiters by specialty, by functional area, by industry, geography, and salary level.  Need to find banking recruiters in Fargo?  We can tell you who they are in a matter of seconds.  Look here to find executive recruiters

CareerLab corporate intelligence
    CareerLab owns the smartest CD-ROM resource for analysis, marketing, and recruitment in the global business community.  In seconds, we can extract competitive intelligence on 114,000 corporations, including 97,800 subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, manufacturing plants, and joint ventures; 286,000 company officers and personnel; and 62,000 brands and products.  Whatever information you’re seeking--names and addresses for top decision makers . . . corporate ownership . . . earnings and revenue . . . investment opportunities . . . recent mergers or acquisitions . . . and so much more—CareerLab will help you cut straight to the bottom line.

6-Part Video Series:  “Getting FIRED/Getting HIRED
    On display on the monitor in the conference room.

Our one-on-one counseling is still the best in the business.  With 18 years under our belts, we’re experts—not beginners, and there’s virtually no career problem we haven’t tackled and solved.

Bill Frank, Gordon Wells, and Suzanne Blacksmith still do the bulk of the one-on-one, with help from our strategic partners in testing, financial planning.

    The place is bursting, positively brimming with energy.  If you haven’t called or stopped by recently, please do.

Wishing you great success and happiness,

William S. Frank

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William S. Frank, M.A.,
25 Reasons I love consulting.
by William S. Frank
  1. Brand. You are your own brand, and you can define it any way you want. For many years, I provided outplacement to the ex-employees of Schlumberger, the world's largest oilfield service corporation. When departing employees left the company, they didn't request outplacement in their severance package. They said, "I want Bill Frank."
  2. Demand. The world will always be full of terrible problems that need solving.
  3. White Hat. I can be a helper and get paid for it.
  4. Pay. I can be paid to do things I'd gladly do for nothing.
  5. Variety. Every day is different.
  6. Happiness. At this stage of my career, I only work for people I respect and care about. If a client micromanages me or is otherwise no fun, I complete the assignment and replace them.
  7. Talent. I'm using 110% of my talents and stretching myself to the max.
  8. Change. I can change my focus any day I want. If you're a McDonald's franchisee, you don't say, "Hey, I've got this great idea for a meatball sandwich—let's try it out today." In consulting you can adjust your focus hour-by-hour, as long as your clients still understand and appreciate what you do.
  9. Income. No one else would pay me as much as I pay myself.
  10. FUN. I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing.
  11. Retirement. I can write and consult as long as I am physically and mentally capable. Peter Drucker worked into his 90s, and when asked which book was his best, he said: "My next one."
  12. Job Security. Although clients come and go, no one can come into my office and say, "Pack up your stuff . . . You don't work here anymore." In 29 years, I've only had one employer: ME.
  13. Travel. I don't have to travel unless I decide to. I travel if it's both FUN and profitable—or at least FUN.
  14. Commute. I live five minutes from my office, a corner office in an upscale six-story tower. In winter, I leave a heated garage at home and drive to an underground heated garage at work. There's seldom time to hear even one song on the radio.
  15. Vacation. Consulting is more fun than vacation (except on Wailea Beach in Maui).
  16. Friends. I have developed hundreds of close acquaintances and several lifetime friends.
  17. Time. I can work as much or as little as I like: four-hour days or 18-hour days. (Of course, my income will reflect that.)
  18. Employees. I can work with employees, subcontractors, partners, or alone—I've done it all.
  19. Passive Income. I've developed several products that provide "mailbox money." I earn while I'm sleeping.
  20. Ethics. I've never had to violate my values or personal code of ethics. I've never had to lie, purposely deceive or harm others, or promise things I can't deliver. I go to bed with a clear conscience. That doesn't mean there's never any conflict. But the conflict is conducted according to generally accepted business practices.
  21. Virtual. My career is fairly portable. With the Internet, e-mail, cell phone, and FedEx, I can work nationally, even internationally from my office—or anywhere in the world.
  22. Purpose. I make a difference in peoples' lives every day. I see it in their faces, hear it in their voices, and read it in their thank-yous.
  23. Experience. Every painful or joyful life experience makes me a better consultant. So does every person I meet or book I read. Grey hair can be good in consulting.
  24. Structure. I have to work very hard, and the clients expect superb results—but I get to structure my days, weeks, months, and years.
  25. Boss. Most of the time, I love my boss.
As I was posting these letters online, I realized I want to communicate my love for consulting. It's just a great business. The single letters, taken together, may create a picture of enjoyment, but in a burst of creativity I listed some of the reasons consulting is such a good fit for me—and perhaps for you, too. They are not prioritized; this is just how they came out.