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As the letter below says, I met Terrence in a train-the-trainer seminar for AT&T. He worked for AT&T and I was a consultant to them. We became close friends, as we are today. This was my letter on his behalf.

September 25, 20—

Phillip K. Donatto, Ph.D
Vice Chancellor
University of California
5900 Administration Circle
Los Angeles, California 92697

Dear Dr. Donatto,

This is a letter of reference in support of Terrence M. Statler, Ph.D., for the position of Dean of Continuing Education at your institution.

Since 1978, I've been a career consultant to the managers and executives of more than 300 brand-name U.S. corporations, both large and small. Specifically, I am in the business of getting management people into the right jobs. That's why I'm especially happy to be writing this letter in support of Terrence. I believe he's the perfect candidate for you.

I met him in an AT&T train-the-trainer class in the early 1980's. About 20 professionals were learning to deliver "The Manager as Career Developer," and Terrence was the standout in the class. He was positive, upbeat, enthusiastic, and right on-point. A leader on the rise.

I have watched him in his career ever since, and he is what he seems: positive, responsive, and a real contributor. As you know, he has worked for three brand-name companies: KLA Japan, Aclet Technology, and ROM Microsystems. That is a rare and stellar career. It shows Terrence is flexible and adaptable to new situations, and firmly grounded in the business of business.

Terrence recently completed an executive management assessment at CareerLab called The Birkman Method,®, and several scores are relevant to your search. He scored 10/10 on self-development, the desire to learn and grow. Relating to people in groups he scored 99/99, meaning he meets people with ease, is enthusiastic about working with a team, and actively seeks group affiliations. (Dr. Statler will not be hiding in his office behind closed doors.) Although he is not seeking to be a college professor, his profile showed a high similarity to college professors. Therefore, he would relate well to them.

I believe Dr. Statler would bring your organization an unusual combination of business savvy, teaching ability, and high integrity. I can't think of anyone who would benefit you more.

With best wishes,

William S. Frank

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