Generate Job Leads From Media Stories For Airplane Pilot

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February 10, 20—

Bruce J. Howard
Director of Pilot Operations
United Airlines
O'Hare International Airport
Chicago, Illinois 60601

Dear Mr. Howard:

Your company's projected growth was highlighted in this month's Professional Pilot magazine. I enjoyed reading the article and am hopeful for the growth it projected.

As a professional pilot with six years experience, I thought my background might interest you, since you appear to have future jobs opening up.

My most recent experience was with Regional Carrier Operations, and I have listed some of my experience:
  • Flew single-pilot IFR for Air Taxi/Air Cargo in the mountain states region.
  • Maintained terminal operation for Air Cargo away from home base using C-210/C-310 equipment.
  • Maintained consistent record of on-schedule operations in flying jobs.
At 26 years and unattached, I have a degree from Mesa College. Relocation and travel present no problem.

I will call you in a few days to introduce myself and learn more about your operation.

Very truly yours,

James B. Garrington
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