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Perfect example of a well-planned "problem-solver" letter. Lai obviously spent a lot of time on this piece. He understands what my problems might be. Good guesswork on his part. He's sending the right letter to the right person. The letter is extremely persuasive without being hard sell. It says "I'm great" without bragging. If I had a big assignment and needed help, I'd certainly give Lai a call.
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May 21, 20—

William S. Frank
10475 Park Meadows Drive, Ste. 600
Lone Tree, CO 80124-5437

Dear Mr. Frank:

I would like to provide your firm with a convenient, high-quality, low-cost training alternative.
I excel in this work and enjoy offering training:
  • as short-term or long-term repetitive assignments
  • as a substitute for unavailable staff (vacation, illness, travel)
  • to enhance current staff temporarily for special projects
  • without adding to your headcount or benefits costs

As head of a management consulting firm, are your talents needed more for marketing and directing? Are you and your staff of consultants less inclined to do the daily grind of standup training? My interest and expertise is stand-up training for all areas of business management from new-hire orientation to outplacement. I specialize in flexibility, short notice, and teaching those basic, repetitive courses frequently requested by new or smaller firms.

My training expertise focuses in the areas of management and professional development. I've had over 10,000 adult classroom training hours in business. I'm a highly experienced trainer with top-notch group facilitation skills.

My background includes start-up companies, large multi-national and high-tech firms, as well as the public sector. With my word processing equipment I can tailor my materials (or yours) to meet client needs.

Keep me in mind. Don't turn down a strategically important or profitable opportunity because it's too basic for your firm to handle. When you need some temporary help, I'm available. I'll bet a need will arise soon.

Let's talk,

Lai Nam Phan
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