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I was hired by a corporation to help them defend against a wrongful termination lawsuit. One of the attorneys had a contact at Westinghouse who could help us. I sent this letter to the attorney to ask for help. Keeping letters like this to one page and numbering your requests reduces the chances of something being overlooked.

October 10, 20-

K. G. Quaid
Johanssen, Ribberly, Lim & Jacobs
2300 Legal Arts Center
595 Lemon Avenue
Dallas, Texas  75229

Dear Kelly,

As we discussed, here are the kinds of things I want to learn from your contact at Westinghouse:

  1. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes for products Max Wood's business  unit produced/sold.
  2. A better understanding of what his business unit does.  Manufacturing?  Service?  Sales?  Distribution?  Need brochures or information about product lines.
  3. Names, addresses and telephone numbers of 12 major direct competitors.
  4. Names, addresses, telephone numbers of 12 minor or indirect competitors.
  5. Names of 3-6 related trade groups or professional associations.
  6. Names of 3-6 relevant trade journals, newsletters, or publications.
  7. Exact address of facility where Max Wood worked.
Kelly, I can take this information verbally, and it doesn't have to be complete. I can take it in pieces.  For example, if your contact only knows two (2) competitors, that information is still very valuable.  

This is key information in preparing my opinion, and I'd like to speak with someone as soon as possible.

Thanks for your help,

William S. Frank

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