American Flag In Winter

The years since September 11, 2001 have been troubling. The day after the twin towers of the World Trade Center came down, one of our consultants said, "I wonder how many of our freedoms we'll be giving up."

I thought it odd at the time, but now see his foresight. As I looked for a restroom in a post office recently, I went though a security checkpoint complete with metal detector and wand, something unheard of before. When I reclaimed my pen, coins, cellphone, watch, belt, and other personal items, I remembered Lorrin's comment about giving up our freedoms. 

Sometimes instead of sending a newsletter that's "all about me," I send something informative or inspirational. In this case, a photo postcard. The response is universally positive, and I like to collect the replies.

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American Flag in Winter Blizzard - Copyright 2003-2008 William S. Frank
American Flag in Winter Blizzard

Just as the war with Iraq was beginning, the blizzard of 2003 dumped 40 inches of snow into our yard in only two days. It hadn't snowed this much in Colorado for ninety years. The storm pinned us into our houses, gave us cabin fever, and sent me in search of my camera. After the storm ended—while juggling dark thoughts of an unpredictable and unwelcome war—I shot 48 photos of white-on-white. Then, surprisingly, an American Flag appeared in a neighbor's yard.

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