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This is a lengthy newsletter. As I re-read it today, I was tempted to name it "The Kitchen Sink," because it contains so much. Yet it really worked. It begins as an appeal to former clients to refer people "just like you," then launches into a laundry list of interesting topics. I often used these four-page letters. I printed them on 11x17" pager folded to yield four 8-1/2x11 pages. This was z-folded to letter size and it fit neatly into a standard envelope. I seldom used color, just printed black ink on white paper. Its simplicity stood out in the market, and I still believe simplicity works.

March 15, 20-

Luther Parodi
1234 Domínguez Street
Albuquerque, NM  87553

Dear Luther,

I'm writing to you because you're a former client, and we consider you a friend.  Better than anyone, you know what we do and how we do it.  You tried our services, and hopefully, you liked the RESULTS!

I want to determine what products or services could help you advance your career and personal interests even further.  And I need your help in reaching a specific, targeted market:  the market of people "just like you"—those highly successful, desiring more success.

We can't attract these clients by advertising; they come to us by referral only. I'd like your help in getting the word out about who we are and what we do. 

We work with individuals in all situations at all levels, from recent college grads to $50,000 mid-level managers.  But we specialize in the $100,000+ person, because that's what we do best:

  • They have difficult, complex, and sophisticated career problems.
    We rise to the occasion—it tests our expertise.
  • They're tough, demanding, and impatient.  We like that.
  • They expect results . . . and that's what we deliver.

Our ideal individual client is:

  1. Age 40+
  2. Career-oriented
  3. Already successful, desiring more success
  4. Either male or female
  5. Earning $200,000+
  6. In a career dilemma:  facing some kind of crisis or transition, such as downsizing, job loss, burnout, or conflict with a boss.

Our client list, which we keep confidential, is a who's who of top business leaders. Many of our past clients have been presidents and senior executives of companies, partners in major professional firms, consultants, entrepreneurs—yes, even NFL players—brand name people whose names and companies are household words.

Right now our clients include the ex-President of a $300 million company, an ex-banking executive consulting in Russia, members of prominent boards of directors, world-class builders and developers, and current Denver Broncos—just to name a few.

In my experience, a senior professional or senior executive—someone who's at the top of their game—wants answers fast.  They don't have patience for people who don't know what they're talking about. 

We're experts—not beginners.
"We've been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt."

Since 1978 we've produced interviews, job offers, and career solutions for hundreds of high-level individuals, and we've consulted to more than 150 brand-name U.S. corporations.

Unlike some of our competitors who charge a $5,000-$15,000 lump sum fee up-front, we still charge by the hour ($350) and bill at the time of the meeting. The client is always in control of the budget—never surprised by a large invoice. Our fees are usually very small when compared to outcomes and benefits.

For example:
  • As a result of our coaching, DM now reports directly to the President of H&R Block as Director of Internal Audit.
  • In six short months, TM established a $100,000+ consulting practice, while still considering a $450,000 full time offer.
  • WJ's offer letter ran 5 pages and included everything PLUS the kitchen sink.
  • We helped the ex-VP of  Information Systems for a major hospital launch a national consulting practice, where he quickly exceeded his target income.
  • The VP of Treasury for a national retail chain was about to be fired, until we taught him how to manage his boss, and force communication upward.

As you see, we do more than just job search.  Any career problem—for example, salary negotiations or conflict with one's boss or colleagues—is our territory.

Because of technology advances, geography isn't a consideration in our business. We have clients worldwide:  in Paris, Vietnam, England, Canada, Australia—you name it.  We work globally via long distance telephone, FAX, FedEx, e-mail, and the Internet. It doesn't matter where you or your friends live—we can help. 

Bill Rector, President of Industry Network Corporation, describes CareerLab as "a small personal firm that cares."  And it's true.  That's our market position.  Our client load is typically 12-20 clients per consultant, compared to 45-50 for many of our competitors. 

 We've moved.  We've settled

Our facilities at CareerLab are updated and expanded—you wouldn't recognize the place. Much like an executive suite, we furnish any service superachievers could possibly need:  videoconferencing, word processing, FAX, FedEx, voicemail, Internet e-mail, and WEB browsing.  Our state-of-the-art center now includes:

  • Small and large conference rooms
  • Individual workstations and computers for client use
  • Large, well-appointed private offices for executive clients
  • Full research library of books, directories, and periodicals
  • On-line databases of 5,000 recruiting firms and 11,000,000 employers
  • Extremely accurate electronic database for Colorado
  • Wireless Internet throughout the suite.

Ah, the Internet.  What magic!  It gives us access to 12,000,000 pages of research data, hundreds of resume banks, job search information, company profiles—you name it, it's there.  Let us give you a tour of our electronic career resources.  You'll be amazed.

And speaking of the Internet . . . my book, "200 Letters For Job Hunters," which has always sold well, will soon be a main feature of America Online's Career Center. That's exciting because AOL's Career Center receives more than 1,000,000 visitors per month—that's a lot of readers!  Any AOL user can browse my collection and print or download letters for a job campaign FREE of charge. 

In addition, we're putting up our WEB home page right now—an interactive site for job-search and career management.  Look for us at after May 1st.

CareerLab began in a 130 square foot bedroom in a tiny 1,000 square foot house near Teikyo Loretto Heights College in 1978—and we've been growing steadily ever since.  As one of our ads said, tongue-in-cheek,  "We tried to stay small, but failed."

Once a stand-alone company, we now have strategic relationships with 16 affiliate offices--we're a local firm with a national presence. [I listed the 16 offices here.]

20— was the most rewarding year in our history. Our revenues were up 20% year-to-year. We're growing up—and loving every minute of it.  The best part of the business for us, though, is not the growth—it's the look in people's eyes when they succeed . . . when they have a breakthrough . . . when they reach their goals, reconcile with their boss, or receive the perfect job offer.  Nothing warms our hearts more than these kinds of testimonials:

    "While I anticipated help with my resume, what I most needed was to refresh my outlook.  CareerLab provided me precisely the counseling, encouragement, discipline, and professional insight I needed.  Their service was excellent, guiding me through the angst of changing careers, and nudging me to reflect and look forward.  CareerLab exceeded all my expectations."
    —Grant Krayley  

    "I thought you'd be pleased to hear the news that I've finalized my compensation package with Keypad Information Services, an Ohlmstead company.  Work starts April 1st in L.A. Thank you for your timely and helpful counseling, and caring follow-up."
    —Kerrynne Stanstead-Taylor

Please stay in touch and let us know what you're doing and how we can help.

With best wishes, always,

William S. Frank

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