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An update from you to clients, potential clients,and selected people in your network, offers you a lot of value for money, time, and effort.  Much like a newsletter, it sells without selling, letting people who may be looking for your services know you're there to solve their problems.

1. On July 5, 20—, watch for our client Henry Lorenzo, and our consultant Mary Ann Giancarli, who will appear on the CBS Early Show to discuss the impact of job-hunting on marriage.

2. The Chicago Tribune interviewed me last week about job-hunting mistakes, and that story will appear online within six weeks.

3. In May 20—, we converted our online cover letter collection to a subscription format and immediately generated positive revenue from a formerly-free website.

4. In February 20—, we launched an Internet application called the "Executive Portfolio" which offers professionals, consultants, business owners, and executives at $100,000+ the tools to build a career marketing website or online portfolio using only basic word processing skills. My example is located at

5. In November 20—, we created a strategic partnership with TempExecs, a company that provides-you guessed it-interim leadership in high-growth or critical change environments.

6. In May 20—, we originated TOP-12, a monthly, invitation-only leadership roundtable for chief human resources executives from 12 Colorado corporations representing 150,000 employees.

7. In April, 20—, (through our Lincolnshire partners) we created a strategic alliance with CareerNet Europe, giving us offices in major cities in the U.S., Canada, Europe,
and Argentina, and positioning us to operate globally.

8. On the second Wednesday every month, CareerLab and ExecuNet, in alliance with, host a networking breakfast exclusively for $100K+ executives and professionals.

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