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Even if your readers know you well, it's helpful to include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in some newsletters. FAQs serve as a reminder of your brand and market position. The "Career Management Center" (CMC) was an internet-based business we launched that failed when the dotcom bubble burst. Notice Kevin Kelly's timely quote at the end of the newsletter.

 What's New? What's Exciting?

Regular Events

  • ExecuNet is a monthly networking breakfast for $100K executives from all industries and functional areas. Each meeting features a high-profile speaker, and participants receive multiple networking referrals.  
  • "Soft Skills—People Success at Work" is an eight-week lunch program designed to develop the interpersonal skills that build business results. "Soft Skills" develops confidence and ease in work relationships-and eliminates non-productive behaviors. For registration and corporate discounts, call Mary Ann Giancarli at 303-790-0505, or send e-mail to
  • Financial Executives Institute (FEI) Career Services Committee—a support group for senior financial officers—meets twice monthly. Patrick Fitzalan hosts the meeting at Donner & Harrison on the first Tuesday, and David Clay, CareerLab's Senior Vice President, hosts the meeting at CareerLab on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Call David Clay at 303-790-0505 or emai
  • "TOP|12" is a monthly, invitation-only leadership roundtable for chief human resources executives from 12 Colorado corporations representing 150,000 employees. Bill Frank, the founder and leader, is at 303-790-0505 or

Extraordinary Services 

    Executive Career Strategy, Testing & Assessment, 360° Reviews, Executive Coaching, Performance Improvement, Leadership Development, and Outplacement. 

Valuable Internet Links

Revolution in Corporate Career Planning
The Career Management Center (CMC) ™ is a web-hosted service that allows employees to manage their own careers via the Internet. It's the industry-standard tool for recruiting, development, and retention. Using Internet tools that employees, managers, and executives have become fully conversant with, the CMC covers the lifespan of every career-from entry-level to CEO-including hiring, orientation, training, career pathing, retraining, and retirement or outplacement.  

A national network of 400 credentialed career coaches—real people who care—supports the Internet technology. Personalized coaching is delivered on demand by e-mail Q&A, telecounseling, hosted chat, and face-to-face meetings. The Career Management Center helps to define a company's culture as "Best in the Business" and "Employer of Choice."  It acts like a magnet in recruiting. To learn more about the CMC, call Kaitlin Saitsma at 303-790-0505 or send e-mail to

The CareerLab FAQs

  1. What is CareerLab?
    A 22-year-old career strategy, testing & assessment, executive coaching, leadership development, and outplacement consulting firm.  
  2. Who are your clients?
    Since 1978 we've served more than 270 brand-name U.S. corporations, both large and small, in all industries and at all levels—from entry-level to CEO. Our valued clients include AT&T, Coca Cola, Ernst & Young, Gambro BCT, HBO & Company, Janus Capital, Kaiser Permanente, KFC, Media One Group, Micron Electronics, PCL Enterprises, Inc., Qwest Communications, Schlumberger, TRW, and Village Inn.  
  3. What is your reach?
    We're a bricks-and-mortar and Internet-based global company deployed in 86 domestic and 27 international partnered locations.  We have an established network of 400 career coaches and consultants. On average, our coaches are in their mid-forties with 14 years of coaching experience. 40% hold MBAs and 18% have earned Ph.D.s.  
  4. Who's on your team?
    • Mary Ann Giancarli, M.A., LPC, Consultant /
    • Maria Ramirez, Office Manager /
    • William S. Frank, President/CEO /
    • Frank Pfannenstiel, Ph.D., Vice President /
    • William Petersen, Director /
    • Josephine R. James-Cox, Ph.D., Consultant /
    • Giles S. B. Cotswold, MBA, Chief Financial Officer /
    • Henning Marks, M.D., Healthcare Consultant /
    • Abdul Brown, MBA, SPHR, V.P. Product Development /
    • Margo K. Hackworth, M.Ed., Project Manager /
    "We are sure to find exhausting the constant, fierce birthing of so much that is new. The network economy is so primed to generate self-making newness that we may experience this ceaseless tide of birth as a type of violence."
    —Kevin Kelly, "New Rules for the New Economy"
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