Proposal in Memo Form

We gave a series of PowerPoint presentations, attended several face-to-face meetings, and had numerous phone calls to develop a mentoring program for a "Big-4" accounting firm. Since large organizations rarely roll out programs office- or company-wide, we proposed a pilot program, and they hired us based on this memo. The Managing Partner was a moving target, very hard to corral. This memo worked and we were hired, partly because he could read and understand it in less than five minutes.

Pilot Mentoring Program

  • We will use a simplified form of the Birkman Method  called "Preview." It contains all necessary feedback in a written report, and does not require consultant interpretation. However, it does not include the matching or mentoring guide.
  • Unless otherwise planned, CareerLab will not be involved with the selection process or the assessment feedback to the protégés.
  • CareerLab will three conduct half-day training sessions for mentors (in groups of 20).
  • We will design and distribute handbooks for each mentor.  
    1. The handbook will give specific tasks and schedules for the mentor.
    2. It will contain copies of a proposed contract and confidentiality agreement.
    3. It will also contain surveys of tasks for the protégés.

Professional Fees:

    Three 4-Hour Workshops  $3,600
    Workshop Design & Preparation  $3,000
    Workshop Content & Preparation  $2,450
    256 Birkman Previews at $60 Each $15,900
    TOTAL $24,950
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