Proposal to Retain Client After Staff Turnover

Nick was a close friend of one of our consultants (Charlie Baxter), but our consultant retired, leaving us to re-connect with the client. Here is a proposal re-introducing us to him. Letters like this, to be effective, must be followed up with phone calls and face-to-face meetings. In this case, we retained the corporate client.
January 22, 20-


Mr. Nick Black
Director of Staff Relations
Colorado Healthcare
600 Broadway, Suite 2700
Denver, Colorado 80203

Dear Nick,

It's my understanding that you're looking for six-month outplacement programs for vice presidents and three-month programs for directors. In addition, you're interested in group workshop prices. I've enclosed a program description and fee schedule. As always, we tailor each program to your needs, so we could adjust the pricing upward or downward, or modify the program content to meet your needs.

Having used CareerLab for several years, you may know that we've been in business since 1978-22 years.  Since 1978 we've served more than 300 Colorado corporations, including all the major hospital systems. (I've included a list of our Colorado corporate clients and also a list of our healthcare clients nationally.)

Since you last worked with Charlie Baxter, our reach and resources have grown. We're now a bricks-and-mortar and Internet-based global company deployed in 86 domestic and 27 international partnered locations.  We have an established network of 400 career coaches and consultants. On average, our coaches are in their mid-forties with 14 years of coaching experience. 40% hold MBAs and 18% have earned Ph.D.s.

Let me introduce you to our current staff:

  • Mary Ann Giancarli, M.A., LPC, Consultant
  • William S. Frank, Founder and President
  • J. G. G. Posner, Ph.D., Vice President
  • Joan Herrington-Goldberg, Ph.D., Consultant
  • Jacqueline Mitchell, Office Manager
  • Joseph L. Matekone, JD, CPA, Vice President
  • Giles S. B. Cotswold, MBA, Chief Financial Officer
  • Henning Marks, M.D., Healthcare Consultant
  • Ted Woodell, MBA, SPHR, Consultant
  • Joyce Bergman, M.Ed., Office Manager
Two of our team members are particularly noteworthy for their expertise in healthcare. Henning Marks, M.D., is a former cardiothoracic surgeon who now focuses on HR issues in healthcare. He runs our Physician Career Network, and I've enclosed two media articles about the PCN.  

Ted Woodell, MBA, SPHR, held senior human resources positions with Kaiser Permanente for 12 years, and most recently served as System Human Resources Director for Columbia HealthONE, overseeing 9,000 employees and a $300M payroll.

You may not realize that my own background is decidedly medical. My grandfather and father were physicians, and my mother was a nurse. Interestingly, my grandfather—Lorenz W. Frank, M.D.—was one of the original founders of Lutheran Medical Center [one of the Top-100 hospitals in the U.S.], back when it was a tent city for tuberculosis on the plains.

In addition to outplacement we offer:  

  • Career Testing & Assessment
  • 360° Reviews
  • Employee and Executive Coaching
  • Performance Improvement
  • Mentoring Systems
  • Management Team Alignment
  • Internet Career Management Centers
Nick, we've had many successes in the past, and I'm confident we'll continue that tradition. After you've had a chance to review these materials, I'll give you a call to get your reactions. I would like to meet with you face-to-face, as soon as your schedule permits. We've got a lot of catching up to do.  

With best wishes,

William S. Frank

"We are sure to find exhausting the constant, fierce birthing of so much that is new. The network economy is so primed to generate self-making newness that we may experience this ceaseless tide of birth as a type of violence." 
         —Kevin Kelly, "New Rules for the New Economy"

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