Using Biography or CV As Proposal

This is not so much a proposal as a focused bio. A PR friend planned to refer me to the Governor of a western state for career transition assistance, and she wanted to know my background. This is what I sent her, and it produced the assignment.
William S. Frank

CareerLab is a national career strategy and human resource management company based in Denver, Colorado ( William S. (Bill) Frank, M.A., founded the firm in 1978 and serves as President/CEO. Under his leadership, CareerLab has consulted to the leaders and senior executives of more than 300 U.S. corporations, large and small-including AT&T, Coors, Honeywell, Kaiser Permanente, Schlumberger, Sears Roebuck & Company, and TRW. His personal network of executives, leaders, venture capitalists, and executive recruiters is extensive and international.

CareerLab's typical career client looks something like this

  • A senior executive, business owner, top professional, or management consultant with a difficult, complex, or sophisticated career problem. Often the issue is  "been there, done that."
  • Career-oriented: enormously successful in a "previous life" and wanting to continue or improve that pattern of success.
  • Wanting to balance work, life, and family issues after a lifetime of having "given it all at the office."
  • Seeking an objective and confidential sounding board "away from the fray."
  • In a career dilemma. Facing some kind of crisis or transition, such as conflict with a boss or peer, downsizing, job loss, burnout, mid-life crisis, or forced early retirement, or a combination of several life problems at once. For example, financial challenges, a death or serious illness in the family, or a partner's unemployment.
  • Mid- or late-stage career. Usually age 40-70.
  • Highly-paid-often financially independent. Wishing to maintain or improve their present compensation and net worth-or wanting to work for personal satisfaction where money is not the primary driver.
Career transition is a two-step process: 1) creating a blueprint of the desired outcome, and 2) implementing a job campaign or marketing plan. Having spent 20,000 hours consulting executives and leaders on their careers, Bill is the "go-to" person when it comes to detailed, sophisticated, complicated, high-level career management issues. And he can provide strong references to substantiate that position.
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