Effective Sales Letter

This is a terrific letter. First it's simple, short, and easy to understand. Second, it's not too-salesy. Third, it presents the problems we solve and the benefits of working with us. I love the line, "I'm confident I can help." That's what it's all about. The letter would be stronger if addressed to an individual, not to an office. You could strengthen the end by saying, "I plan to call you . . . "

November 5, 20—

Dear HR Executive:

Business is still up-and-down, and you may know people in industry with career problems.

I am confident I can help them.

Since 1978, I have outplaced executives from more than 100 companies, including . . .  

  • AMAX
  • Polaroid
  • AT&T
  • Kelloggs
  • Wells Fargo, and
  • Gulf/Chevron
I have specialized expertise in:
  • Ways to avoid wrongful termination lawsuits, and
  • Outplacement counseling.
There are three important benefits to my approach:
  1. Flexible Pricing
    Tailored programs with hourly or project rates, not flat fees. You pay only for the services you need.
  2. Fast Placement
    Normally 2-4 months.
  3. Personal Service
    My first priority is to take very good care of existing clients before adding new ones.
If you think ideas or materials on these topics might be interesting, I would like to talk with you.  

Please call me at 303-790-0505, and let's get acquainted.


William S. Frank

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