Expert Witness #1

As a consultant you may want to become an expert witness. I uncovered a niche to help corporations defend themselves from the bad consequences of firing people, especially age discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuits. These were high-stakes cases, and a plaintiff could win several million dollars in a jury award.

This is the first of two documents created to seek expert witness business. An attorney asked me to speak to a group of his peers in employment law. This note explains the logistics. The second document gives the speech outline. 

Althought this expert witness niche was hugely successful and profitable, I abandoned it because I did not like the work itself, namely testifying against ex-employees, many of whom had honestly been treated badly.

TO:  Herschel Gavrel
FROM:  Bill Frank
DATE:  December 30, 20—, 10:00 a.m. MDT
RE:  Speech Outline

Two pages sent via fax.


Here is a quick description for our program on January 16th.  Please review it, and let's make changes.  I'd like to get this out to the prospective attendees so they can see what's coming.

Please let me know today (Monday) or tomorrow morning (Tuesday) if you see any changes in the wording or the content.  My feelings won't be hurt if you have refinements—in fact, I appreciate help since you know the audience better than I do. I'll be out of the office January 1-3, and back in on January 6th.

I've made airline and hotel reservations, so things are coming together.

With best wishes,

William S. Frank

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