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After Jim Collins wrote "Good to Great," the story of how 10 good national companies became great, he was a national celebrity. I saw synergy between his work and mine, and sent this query letter. One of Jim's central ideas is what he calls "Level 5 Leadership."

This inquiry failed because Jim's fee for a half-day meeting was about $20,000—far more than our group could pay. However, pushing out into the world like this often brings unexpected surprises. That's what makes consulting so much fun.

From: William S. Frank []
Sent: October 30, 20— 10:00 AM
To: e-mail address
Subject: Ideas for "Level 5" leadership forum

Hi Stefanie,
I'm a recent Jim Collins convert. A quick tour of our website will give you an overview of what we do, but briefly we're in the executive career, executive coaching, leadership development business. Since 1978, we've consulted to more than 300 brand-name US corporations in these areas. I'm an executive coach to many high-profile business leaders. A brief bio is attached.
I run a group called "TOP-12," a monthly, invitation-only leadership roundtable for chief human resources executives from 12 Colorado corporations representing 150,000 employees. 
Two issues:

  1. These prominent leaders would like to meet Jim.
  2. I have many "Level 5" leader friends. I'd be interested in creating a forum where "Level 5" leaders could meet, learn from each other, spread the gospel, and accelerate their energy. Do you have any interest in partnering in such a venture?
What are your thoughts?  


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