Response Form to Generate Leads

This concept works well via e-mail or hard copy. In this case, I mailed the actual letters. Every time I use this strategy, I get well-qualified leads and new clients.

Finding out whether people in your mailing list received your letter, ad, or solicitation is difficult, if not impossible, unless you mailed it to fewer than 100 people.  Even when the number is small enough that you can phone everyone, you may get the runaround, or you may call at a bad time.

Supplying a response form gives readers a simple, easy way to reply to your message.  If the form is well constructed, and if it can be completed in less than 30 seconds, many people who would toss your letter or avoid your phone call, will actually reply. Below is my letter followed by the response form.

June 10, 20—  

Are you paying too much in outplacement fees?

Most outplacement firms charge a flat 15% of employee salary plus an administrative fee, no matter how easy or difficult the case or how little of their services you need. At CareerLab, we use a menu approach to pricing so you pay only for the services you use. The result is that, typically, my clients pay 50-75% less than standard fees.

Here are two recent examples:

  1. We remarketed the chief financial officer of a major mortgage company. We were able to place him in 3 months (instead of the 6 9 that's usual in such cases) at 30% higher salary. And the cost to the company was only $4,500, a 64% saving off the normal outplacement fee of $12,400
  2. In 1986 we outplaced 10 key employees of an oilfield services company. The Standard fee would have been $64,479. CareerLab charged only $17,242, a saving of over $47,000 or 73%.
With the number of wrongful termination suits growing every year, outplacement is no longer simply a "nice" thing to do. It's become a necessity as you seek to avoid lengthy lawsuits and the resulting bad publicity for your company.  

I provide the one on one counseling and guidance that demonstrate your concern to terminated employees and help them find new positions quickly. And because my fee structure allows you to choose only the services you need, you can keep your outplacement costs manageable.

For more information—including full details, case histories and references from client companies and individual employees—call me or return the enclosed form today.

Thank you.


William S. Frank

P.S.—Not only do I help you keep outplacement costs in line, I also get results for your employees. Most are placed within two or three months—and all of them receive the caring support they need at a difficult time.

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[ ] Please send me information on how I can cut my outplacement costs by as much as 50%-75% without sacrificing the quality of the services we offer our employees.

I'd also like information about:

[ ] Pre-Retirement Planning
[ ] Performance Improvement for Failing Executives
[ ] Internal Career Development 

Attach your Business Card Here
[The customer, not the consultant, attaches their card here.]

Mail this form in the envelope provided or call


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