Sell More To Corporate Client

We had provided outplacement services to a company and now were pursuing executive coaching. In attempting to meet with Susan, the new hiring authority, I tried to give reasons a meeting would benefit her. In this case I used TOP-12, my group of Human Resources leaders, as a hook. Letitia Walenski was another executive inside the client company.


Letitia Walenski is keeping me up to speed on your executive coaching programs—and I'm impressed with your direction and progress. I will do everything possible to contribute to your success.

Two important announcements: Our next TOP-12 HR leaders' meeting is coming up next week on Wednesday (June 25). It's a small, friendly group (usually 8-12), and you'd find it very inviting and informative. We meet from 7:00-9:00 a.m. Please join us if you can.

Second: Curt Coffman, author of "First Break All The Rules," will present to the group on July 23rd. This is the perfect chance to meet him in an informal setting. Wow! What an event. Mark this on your calendar as well.

I've enjoyed the brief face-to-face visits we've had in the past, and would really enjoy spending more time with you. Give me a call on my cell phone at 303-555-1212 when you have a moment to talk.

Best wishes,


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