Sell To A Competitor

It's counterintuitive to think of selling to a competitor, or partnering with them, but in this case I did. CareerLab had developed an online Executive Portfolio™ and sold it to Rick's corporation. They paid us $100,000 over three years to use our online program. 

Rick ran the Denver office, invited me to do a presentation for his career changing executives to demonstrate our software. The presentation went well, and I wanted to open the door for further collaboration. Daniel Ohlson was an employment lawyer, and I made several referrals to him. Gretchen Laskas was Rick's boss.


Thanks for a delightful morning yesterday. I enjoyed your Executive Forum immensely, and especially liked meeting your friend, Daniel Ohlson.  He had some exceptionally good ideas, and I'll do everything in my power to direct employment law business in his direction. 

Gretchen Laskas has asked us for an outline of our products and services that would provide synergy to your company, and we will copy you on that once it's completed.  Thanks again for a terrific event.  You are an excellent leader and a cordial host.


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