Sell To Recent Client

I guided Noelle through a successful career transition, as CFO of a hospital construction company to CFO of a medical device manufacturing company. I sent this note to let her know I still had her on my mind, and to continue selling our services to her, to the other executives in her company—and to her friends and acquaintances.

To: Noelle Banergee
From: Bill Frank
Date: January 4, 20—
Subject: Noelle, How are you doing . . . ??

Hi Noelle,

I miss seeing you and would like an update on the world of Noelle Banergee and life at Garson-James Medical Devices. I know you're always busy—I am too—but perhaps we could catch breakfast or coffee on your way in to work, or I could come your way for lunch.

What works best?


Or would you like to go to the Super Bowl instead?

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