Sell to Highly Placed Friend

Sometimes we get lucky and find ourselves selling to a friend. Seth was a consulting friend before he took became the Vice President of Human Resources for Battelle Labs, a national research organization. Even though he wanted to hire me as a consultant, he needed to introduce me to others in his company. This is the letter I sent along with marketing materials—and it produced a two-year series of consulting engagements.

June 16, 20—

Mr. Seth Smetana
VP Human Resources
505 King Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43201

Dear Seth:

Here are the materials you asked for. There are several items you haven't seen before:

  1. An article I wrote for The National Business Employment Weekly (inside pocket).
  2. Letters of Reference from Noranda Exploration and Colorado Human Resources Association (Section 3).
  3. Cost savings to clients: $7,950.00 to West Mortgage and $47,237 to Chevron.
My rates haven't changed since we worked together. $1,000.00 per day or $125.00 per hour. I bill in quarter-hours.  

I'll call you so we can discuss specifics.

Best regards,

William S. Frank


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