Sell to Meeting Attendees

Fellow attendees at professional meetings or trade shows are often eager to learn more about what you do. Here was my follow-up after an employment law seminar. I enclosed a testimonial letter from Rex Stoutley, a major corporate client.

August 28—

Ms. Leslie Ann Gesseau
Division Personnel Manager
The Severin Corporation
2755 South Alton Way
Englewood, CO 80112


I hope you enjoyed "Preventing Wrongful Discharge" as much as I did. It was enlightening—and scary.

Although we didn't discuss it directly, outplacement is obviously a strategy that prevents lawsuits.

Here are two interesting facts:

  1. In eight years, no client of mine has ever sued his former company. Many of them could have sued—and probably should have sued. But none did, because I stopped them.
  2. Last year I outplaced 35 executives and managers from an oilfield service company. All left quietly.
Ten others in exactly the same circumstances were not given outplacement. Of the ten three filed charges. The defense cost more than $50,000 (see Rex Stoutley's letter).  

If you ever have questions about protecting your company using outplacement, please call me.

All the best,


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