Selling Follow On Work

I often use a "camel's nose under the tent" sales approach. They say if you can get the camel's nose inside a tent, the rest of his body will follow. I sell something small so clients can get the feel of what we do, and be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Then I add follow-on work. I sometimes find this much easier than selling a large-scale project with big up-front costs. In this e-mail, I sell the next phase in a series of career advancement steps.


As we said, the blueprint phase of your career transition will give you a detailed picture of your ideal job target: size of organization, industry(ies), job title, duties and responsibilities, corporate culture, compensation, and other critical factors. You'll have a clear picture of what your next career move should be.

We accomplish this by one-on-one interviews, paper and pencil exercises, and we roll the Birkman findings into the mix. The fee for this phase is $3000. Since you've paid $750, only $2250 remains.

As you said, you're unhappy, really struggling, and you can't see yourself staying with this company. The blueprint is the piece you're struggling with the most, and this process is very timely. We want to make sure your upcoming career move is the right one. The next step is for us to review your autobiography. Let us know when you'd like to begin.



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