Sending References

When you're asked for references, don't just submit a list of names and numbers. Put each reference into context so your potential client understands their relationship to you, and why you're using them. Angelique and David Forsman were both executives in AT&T.

Angelique Bushman
Vice President, Human Resources
AT&T Broadband
183 Inverness Drive West
Englewood, Colorado 80112

References for CareerLab

  1. Tamera Bachand
    When she was outplaced, Tamera was a Senior Vice President, Human Resources for National Media Group, working for Phoebe June. Bill Frank handled the outplacement, and he and Kate have become good friends. Her cell phone number is 303-555-1212. 
  2. Patsy Mendicono, V.P., Human Resources, Gambro BCT
    CareerLab has provided outplacement to Gambro BCT and COBE Cardiovascular (sister companies) for more than 15 years. We have worked for Patsy the entire time at all levels of the organization, from entry-level to officer, on both small and large projects. In addition, Patsy is a member of TOP-12, the same HR Leadership group David Forsman belongs to.  You may reach Patsy at 303-555-1212 or at  
  3. Evan Bermudes, V.P., Finance & Administration, Polaroid
    In January 20—, Polaroid experienced a traumatic restructuring based on market conditions. They reduced their workforce by 25%, and CareerLab managed the pre-planning, separation, and survivor training following the reduction. The outplacement involves all levels, and most of those affected had long tenure (some 20 to 25 years). You may reach Evan at 303-728-0372 or
  4. William A. Rector (Bill), Former President, Coors Microlithics
    As President of Coors Microlithics, Bill used our outplacement services for his departing employees. When Bill left Coors himself, we were the first people he called for advice. We helped him assume the Presidency of Industry Network Corporation in New Mexico. Four years later we assisted in his job campaign to become President/COO of The Kemtah Group. Recently he consulted us as he purchased a company in Grand Junction. Bill describes CareerLab as "a small personal firm that cares." You may reach him at 970-555-1212 or by e-mail at 
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