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Our work is always customized, seldom out of the can. Therefore, I hesitate to develop permanent four-color brochures. I'm happier with word-processed handouts that can be changed in an instant. In this case, I was sitting down to pitch a big-name financial planner (so his clients might become ours), and I wanted to give him a brief idea of my background. These were my talking points.

William S. Frank
President/CEO, CareerLab

  • Service-Oriented Family
    Denver Native -1944
    Grandfather -Founder, Lutheran Medical Center
    Great Grandfather - Tully Scott - Colorado Supreme Court
  • Founded CareerLab 1978
    Career Strategy/ Human Capital Management
  • 300 Brand-Name U.S. Corporations
    AT&T, Coca Cola, Coors, CSG Systems, Equity Office, Gambro BCT, Janus Funds, Kaiser Permanente, PCL Construction, Schlumberger, Qwest Communications, Village Inn
  • 20,000 Consulting Hours - $100,000-$1,000,000
  • Published Career Articles 
    Colorado Business, the Denver Business Journal, the Denver Post,the Denver Rocky Mountain News, and the Wall Street Journal's National Business Employment Weekly.
  • 1989 - "200 Letters For Job Hunters" - Sold 100,000 copies
  • 1996 - - 1.5 million hits/week
  • 1998 -Founder's Group - Online CMC - PCL Construction
  • 2000 - "PhysicianCareerNetwork"
  • 2001 -Mentor KPMG (29,000)
  • TODAY: TOP-12: Denver's Human Resources Leaders - 150,000 employees
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