Testimonials Sell

As you know from radio, TV and newspaper ads, testimonials help sales efforts. People tend to believe outside, third parties. In this case, I'm attempting to open the door into a second division of a large company. The theme is "this worked extremely well for them, it will work extremely well for you"--and the testimonials prove it. It's essential to follow this kind of letter with a phone call.
April 6, 20—

Ms. Sally Rand
Manager, Human Resources
Trans National Healthcare
974 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, #300
Washington DC 20016

Dear Sally:

I recently spent four days leading a teambuilding project for the HR Department at Trans National in Denver. I spent one day interviewing each of the 17 people on staff. I used the material from these interviews to structure a two day training which we conducted in a mountain retreat.

The HR group at Trans National Healthcare in Denver was functioning very well as a group before the teambuilding. We were simply using the training as a form of preventive maintenance, to keep the organization tuned up.

Here are some comments from the final evaluations:

  • "Exceptional teambuilding. Very rewarding."

  • "Responsive and flexible to needs of group."

  • "Everyone related well with you."

  • "Very relaxing. Feel healthier than when I came."

  • "You have a good sense for when to facilitate and when to let things go. Your light hearted and humorous style really adds to the effect."

  • "You allowed us to lead ourselves."

  • "A very fun two days."

  • "Your warm up exercises were some of the best I've ever participated in; good use of prizes."

  • "Good, great job."

  • "You did a lot of preparation and it's appreciated."

  • "You're fun to be with and go well with the flow."

  • "You seem to be a friendly, caring person and well suited to the work you do!"

  • "This was certainly an exciting well planned teambuilding."

  • "You seem just like one of the HR Department, you fit in very well."

This teambuilding is something that might work well in your organization, either in the Human Resources Department or in other departments. I will be glad to discuss it further if you are interested.

With best wishes, always,

William S. Frank
WSF:kam [my initials: the word processor's initials]

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