Update On Our Capabilities

Let's face it: even our best friends don't know what we really do. I learned this by sending an update to a 10-year client. She had hired me to help her in three different companies. When she saw the update, she said, "I never had any idea you offer all these services." That was an eye-opener to me. It's helpful to remind current and prospective clients just what we do, really.

Newton was the Vice President of Human Resources for a 6,000 person corporation. We kidded each other in a friendly way. I referred to myself as his "best friend in zip code 80124." Newton had pretended to send me a black Mercedes.


Mercedes doing fine. Would have preferred "Careerlab Green" but black is okay. (My birthday is March 29.)

You've suggested coaching, leadership development, organizational effectiveness opportunities in Gentems Technology, and I'd like to give you an update on our capabilities. We've been lucky enough to recruit Casey Trent, an extraordinary leadership development and organizational effectiveness (OD/OE) consultant.

Before joining CareerLab, Casey was Vice President of Learning and Development at Executive Communications and Vice President of Learning and Development for Gold Silver & Bronze Metals Investments after several years of training and leadership development at Business Electronics Corporation. She is a gifted facilitator of senior leadership meetings and board retreats. She's also good at . . .

  • Managing conflict at the senior level
  • Fostering a values-driven organization
  • Understanding your culture, then creating the culture you want.
  • Galvanizing a workforce out of something other than fear
  • Aligning mission/vision/values throughout the organization.
Also, as Robby Robertson may have told you, he's working here as an executive coach/career consultant, and if we can get a little more work, we can keep him!

I discovered a neat Indian restaurant up on Arapahoe Road. Would you like to try it? Or would you rather go to the Super Bowl?


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