Volunteering Creates Sales

Where do consulting assignments come from? Everywhere.

During a severe recession in Denver, our company sponsored a career call-in night for the HelpCenter at KCNC television. Besides our consulting staff, we brought in recruiters and human resources executives to serve as experts. Most of the executive-experts were current or potential clients.

Viewers called in and asked how-to questions. Some of it was broadcast on camera. The experts liked that. After the call-in show, CareerLab treated the group to dinner in a friendly restaurant. What fun that was!

As a result of that volunteer effort, we gained the goodwill of Tom Martino, the television host and consumer expert. When a viewer asked Tom to evaluate a competing career consulting firm, Tom told the viewer to call me. This is the paper trail of e-mails back and forth, and we got the assignment.

To: Bill Frank
From: Dudley Ullman
Sent: August 14, 20— 12:21 AM
Subject: Career Consulting . . . ?

Dear Mr. Frank:
I recently contacted Tom Martino to ask him if he knew anything about a particular Denver Career Counseling firm. (I am considering retaining this firm to assist me in securing a new position). He recommended that I contact CareerLab and ask for you.

My profile is as follows:

  • Vice President, Engineering with a NASDAQ $170M company in Boulder.
  • Salary package: $200K base with a 50% annual bonus potential.
  • Stock options: 170,000 shares
  • Staff: approximately 175 in Boulder and Tokyo, Japan.
  • Reporting line: to President/CEO.

What kind of assistance could CareerLab offer in my case?
Thank you.
Dudley Ullman

From: Bill Frank
Sent: August 14, 20— 3:56 PM
To: Dudley Ullman
Subject: Re: Career Consulting . . . ??

Dear Mr. Ullman,
My client base is composed mostly of senior executives and partner-level professionals in the $100,000-$1,000,000 salary range.  We provide career consulting through all phases of career transition, from beginning to end.

There's literally nothing we don't do related to job search, starting or buying a business, purchasing a franchise, or securing another senior executive position.  If you'll give me a call at 303-790-0505 we can chat.  You might want to look at www.careerlab.com/.

Thank you,

To: Bill Frank
From: Dudley Ullman
Sent: August 15, 20— 6:21 AM
Subject: Career Consulting

Thanks for the response. In 20— I went through an outplacement program at Inti Consulting in Denver. Fees were paid by my former employer. While discussing this type of program, I found out that I know at least two men who went through your service some years ago. They had been let go by Sems Technology. Their names are Hank Bagelsky and Denis Treeby.

I'm curious about your fee structure. What is it based on and when/how is it paid? I don't get the sense that you do actual placements, but provide the training/guidance to enable someone to be more successful in their search. Do I have the correct view? (I have browsed your website.)

At any rate, those are some of my questions. I'll be leaving town on August 17, returning August 22. I'll phone after returning and try to catch a few minutes of your time.

By the way, Tom Martino recommended me to you.

Dudley Ullman

From: Bill Frank
To: Dudley Ullman
Sent: August 15, 20— 9:08 AM
Subject: Dudley, we can help you . . .

Thank you for responding, Dudley. Inti Consulting has a good outplacement program, so I'm sure you have a good foundation to work from.

For several years, our company has sponsored a career call-in night for the HelpCenter at KCNC television.  That's how Tom Martino knows us. (In addition, one of my past clients started the HelpCenter at KCNC.)

As far as our fees go, we bill our services by the hour, much like accountants and other professionals do. Our corporate rate is $250 per hour. I would discount that for you to $180. You would be in control of the meetings and would always be able to assess value versus investment.

Enjoy your week out of town. I'll look forward to talking when you return.


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