We Have Excess Capacity

A high-level human resource executive left Denver to assume a big job in California. When he wrote to say, "Hi, how are you doing?" I used it as an opening to pitch our services.

From: O'Donnell, Ian
Sent: February 15, 20&mdash 5:33 PM
To: Bill Frank
Subject: Checking in


Just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing. Things here are great.



We think of you often. Have you got your arms around the world yet?
I'm sure you do.

I hired three extremely capable consultants, two in California:

  1. Cassie Milstrom
    • VP, Learning Development, Sentinel Communications
    • VP, Learning & Development, Precious Metals Investment Corporation
  2. Hedley Strobel
    • Former President, Colorado Human Resources Association
    • 15 Years in senior HR jobs
    • 15 Years as HR consultant/Executive Recruiter
  3. Byron Brandenburg
    • Director, Corporate Training & OD, Atems Japan (CA)
    • Exec Director, Learning & Development, ADE USA (CA)
As a result, we have some excess capacity now. Is there anything in the executive coaching, leadership development, organization effectiveness, or executive outplacement we can help you with?


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