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One of our hospital clients was acquired by a larger corporation and 12 physicians on staff were laid off. We were asked for a proposal to provide career transition support to the departing doctors. This is the proposal that produced the assignment. The welcome memo which the hospital distributed to the physicians is below.

December 11, 20—


Dear Cadvaref Hospital Physician,

I've been asked to serve as a sounding board and consulting resource for you in the midst of the management changes on the horizon at Cadvaref.

For your information, I come from a medical family myself.  My father is a physician, my grandfather was an internist, my brother is a physician, my mother was a nurse.  I currently have physician clients earning up to $800,000 per year.  Our company works with most of the major hospitals in Colorado, as well as other healthcare organizations nationwide. In addition, I've given career advice to the top managers and executives of more than 300 brand-name U.S. corporations. For that reason, I believe I can be a great value to you in evaluating your current career options, and in moving forward.

How we begin:
We will schedule a first meeting to get to know one another. I would like to hear about your career, and present circumstances, from your point of view. After that, I'll be in a position to make some recommendations.

You are in the driver's seat and we can work on any issues you choose. Here are some topics that might be of interest: 

  1. Ways to position yourself to be perceived as highly valuable to the Cadvaref organization—or any other organization, for that matter.
  2. How to cope with the political changes underway.
  3. Dos and Don'ts of surviving corporate reorganization.
  4. The job market and your personal marketability.
  5. Fundamentals of resume writing and job hunting.
  6. Financial and family planning issues.
I suggest we arrange an introductory meeting to get to know one another. A first meeting usually takes 1 to 1-1/2 hours, and you may schedule an appointment by calling me or Celina Tonini, our Office Manager, at 303/790-0505.  

I'm looking forward to meeting you and learning about your career.

With best wishes,

William S. Frank

P.S.—Our work together is strictly confidential with no feedback to Cadvaref Hospital.

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