When Client Disappears

When managing many client projects, there's a danger someone will fall through the cracks. Even when clients are doing well, they may "go dark"—disappear for a while. Brief e-mails or voicemails will keep you responsive and in the loop. This short e-mail triggered a lengthy positive reply, as they often do.

Hi Matt,
Just wondering if you accepted your offer and how it came out.

From: Matt Crawford [matt@yahoo.com]
Sent:  August 02, 20— 11:03 AM
To: wsfrank@careerlab.com
Subject: Re: Job Offer?

I have verbally accepted, they are sending me a revised offer letter with changes to make it official today.  Your suggestion to ask for salary help after accepting was a great strategy.   Although it only got me a 2.5% increase, it was 2.5% more than I had before, and I was prepared to accept that. 

I have the title I want (V.P.), a great salary for the local market, a start date of September 23!!!!, and their acknowledgement that I will be considered for an additional position with more responsibility as soon as I start. 

This seems to be a great situation—we are both happy with the terms and both excited about my joining.  I have plenty of time off, a great offer, a transition into a new industry, and room to grow.  How could I let this one go?

Stay in touch,


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