Detailed Printing Order #2

For years we inserted a full-page ad into the "Advisor," a monthly newsletter for the Colorado Human Resources Association (CHRA). We overprinted and used the same 8½x11" ads as sales collateral (handouts), and mailers.

Detail is not my favorite thing; I'd rather be out consulting. When I place printing orders, I only want to do it once. I don't want six follow-up phone calls to determine exactly what I meant.

I've found it extremely helpful to give the printer comps or mocked-up samples of exactly what the product is supposed to look like. We may miss something in writing, but if the sample is GREEN, that's a hint.

DATE: November 15, 20—
TO: CONOR at KwikKopy
FROM: Bill Frank at 303-790-0505
RE: CHRA Insert and CareerLab mailing

Please print this 8½x11" letter twice:

  1. Print an insert for the December CHRA Advisor (about 1600 copies).
  2. Print an overrun of 1500 for a CareerLab mailing (1600 + 1500 = about 3100 total).
    • Print the letterhead onto the insert as we have in the past. If you need the art for the letterhead, please get it from Janelle  Parrish at 303-555-1212.
    • Use the same paper stock as the corporate client list is printed on. Z-FOLD along with the corporate client list, per the sample. This will be a two-page Z-FOLD.

Please call with any questions.

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