Capitalize On Industry Growth For Outplacement

When job-hunting, look for growing companies and industries. This letter could be modified to apply to any industry. For example, take out "outplacement" and plug in "hazardous waste."

The letter really begins with a disguised question: "Are you growing and expanding? If so, then perhaps my resume will be of interest." "Perhaps" is an important word here, a soft-sell. Many job-seekers come on too strong, telling rather than asking.

"My background covers all aspects from start up through national expansion" pretty well says it all: "I know what I'm doing."

"I hope to contact you directly... to determine whether an exploratory meeting is indicated," assures that the reader feels in control--Wesley is not going to call and demand an appointment.

You could probably get through to almost anyone using this letter. It's thoughtful and polite, and best of all, it's short.

123 Moss Hill Lane | Laguna Hills, California 92653
H: 714-586-2998 | C: 714-586-5781 |

January 6, 20––

William S. Frank
10475 Park Meadows Drive, Ste. 600
Lone Tree, CO 80124-5437

Dear Mr. Frank:

In light of the phenomenal 600% growth in outplacement since 20--, there is a strong probability that your plans for CareerLab call for continued growth and expansion for 20-- and beyond.

If so, then perhaps my enclosed resume will be of interest. In it, you will find the highlights of a progressive career in outplacement services. My background  encompasses all aspects of building and managing an outplacement firm from start-up through national expansion.

As a follow up to this letter, I hope to contact you directly by phone to learn your reaction to my background and determine whether setting up an exploratory meeting is indicated.

I have enjoyed bringing my background to your attention and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Call me today!

Wesley T. Markowitz


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