Aggressive Follow Up For Reporter/Writer

203 East Exposition Avenue | Denver, Colorado 80209
H: 303-342-4638 | C: 303-722-7834 |

29 June 20—

Ms. Penny Harcourt
Vice President Public Affairs and Education
Colorado Hospital Association
2140 South Holly
Denver, Colorado 80222

Dear Ms. Harcourt:

You're fantastic!

Thank you for your time on the telephone last week. Enclosed is a sampling of my work at "The Creek."

As a reporter for a weekly newspaper, I've been fortunate to sink my teeth into a wide range of subjects. However, none are ever more enjoyable than a story about the medical profession.

My contacts in the industry are numerous, and they can speak to the credibility of my work. A more tenacious, aggressive reporter you won't find.

Some say my energy and enthusiasm are enough for any three people. And my drive, desire and determination make me an ideal candidate for a top-notch organization in the medical field.

Moreover, my educational background drew heavily on the natural and social sciences, as I once contemplated attending medical school.

Ms. Harcourt, if there is anything more I can share with you please let me know.

I will be in touch to make sure you have received my materials.

Once again, thanks for your time and consideration. Any suggestions or referrals you could make would be most appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Brad C. Bawmann  

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