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Michael has a way with words. He crafts the "thank you letter" beautifully, addressing three key issues:
The people. He says, in effect, "I like you and I like your people. We'd work well together."
The employer's objections: (a) the job's not big enough, and (b) not enough "hands-on."
The close. He says "I want to work here," and asks for the job. As a bonus, he keeps it short. I-really-want-this-job letters can drag on for three or four pages if you let them. Be sure you don't.
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November 9, 20—

Mr. Larry Anderson
Petroleum Waste, Inc.
2701 Patton Way
Bakersfield, California 93308

Dear Larry:

Just a brief note to thank you and your group for the time you spent with me last Thursday and Friday. I appreciate the detail that was provided and candor that was evident. You have an excellent group of people in your operation and it would be a pleasure to work with you and them.

Expanding a few points that we discussed:

Yes, I am interested in the job of Site Manager. You are apparently concerned that this job does not have the scope of some of my previous positions, but I know that it has plenty of challenge and problems and it will give me a great deal of satisfaction to be allowed to handle them. You can see from my resume that once I take a job I stick with it. I have only worked for three companies; my shortest time with any one was more than four years, and I worked nearly 20 years for Amoco.

Another concern seemed to be whether I feel I can handle a job that requires "hands-on" management, and also an ability to cope with a frustrating corporate environment. My time spent managing start-up and turnaround situations has given me considerable OJT in both these areas. I enjoy "hands-on," and I have always been able to achieve efficiency regardless of the environment.

Larry, I would appreciate a shot at the job.

Best regards,

Michael D. Burns

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