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October 23, 20––

Mr. Larry L. Johnston
Petroleum Waste, Inc
2701 Patton Way
Bakersfield, California 93308

Dear Larry:

The following, plus the attachment, sets out a brief summary of my experience and qualifications:

1. Worked over 20 years with Amoco and Exxon before joining InTek in 20––. Have a BS in Geology from Colorado University and an MBA from Stanford.

2. At Exxon, as a geologist, discovered the South Eola field in Garvin County, Oklahoma (30-40 million barrels).

3. At Amoco, progressed through a series of jobs in operations and in headquarters where I was associated with, or a member of the management groups directing the exploration, production and financial activities of Amoco's various natural resources activities, both in the U.S. and overseas.

4. As President of InTek, turned the company around and then led it to the most successful exploration program in its history, participating in the drilling of 125 prospects in midcontinent, Gulf Coast and Rockies, with a success ratio of 44%. Success ratio for follow-up drilling was 85% and InTek's reserves were nearly doubled.

I look forward to talking with you next week and will be glad to provide any additional information.

Best regards,

Michael D. Burns

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