Express "Perfect Fit" For Technical Sales

Following up after a telephone call? Don't say, "It was nice to talk to you, and I look forward to hearing from you again soon."

Sell them something. Here Tom shows similarities between his last job and the new job. Very important. Employers often can't see the similarities for themselves. You have to show them. The burden is on you. If you don't show them how you fit, someone else sure will.
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April 6, 20—

Mr. Frank Murphy
N L Baroid
P.O. Box 60070
Houston, Texas 77205

Dear Frank:

I really enjoyed our phone conversation concerning your plans to market M179 soil sealant. Your comments reminded me of many similarities between my past experiences with Dowell and what you are looking for in your new venture.
  • Selling to industry and government
  • Developing new markets for existing products
  • Solving client technical problems
  • Designing solutions with the aid of laboratory data
  • Melding various groups to achieve the desired goal
I've included an example of a problem I faced with Dowell that is very similar to problems you might face. In fact, this project used a crosslinked, dry powder form of polyacrylamide; similar to the M179 system.

After you've had a chance to look this over, I'll give you a call to get your reactions. Or you call me.


Tom Jacob



Mr. Frank Murphy

April 6, 20—
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I had the opportunity to perform the first enhanced oil recovery project on the North Slope of Alaska. Dowell's normal products and equipment would not do the job due to the severe weather and environmental concerns of the client. In addition, the client's technical and operation people disliked each other.

I arranged for our chemical specialist and our equipment specialist to meet with me and the customer's engineers and operation personnel, then led an eight-hour meeting to design a new system (chemistry and equipment) to perform to the customer's requirements.

I moved men, materials and equipment to the North Slope, then assembled the equipment and began operations on time with outstanding technical results. This pilot project generated additional revenue of $300,000 for Alaska operations in a two-month period.
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