Follow Up After Referral From Friend For Engineering

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February 24, 20—

Mr. Bob Stevenson
EDS International
Devonshire House-4th Floor
London, WI, England

Dear Mr. Stevenson:

You were referred to me by Mike Sherman. He and I talked about your European Division when I was in Lansing last summer doing some EDS-related telephone work for Butler Telecommunications.

I am deeply interested in working for EDS and further, expressly interested in working for EDS in Europe.

I know that EDS has entered, and continues to aggressively penetrate, telephone markets worldwide. And since I have an extensive telephone design and engineering background, as well as some solid experience in other related areas, I believe I could be a genuine asset to your organization.

Enclosed is a recent resume for your perusal. I believe two of my greatest strengths--which do not appear on my resume--are a strong work ethic and an ability to learn rapidly. I will provide references, both business and personal, at your request.

Please let me hear from you.


John F. Ovecka


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