Follow Up After Referral From Friend For MIS

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H: 217-451-2588 | C: 217-722-9873 |

December 29, 20—

Mr. Raymond K. Martin
Personnel Manager
Digital Equipment Corporation
290 Shasta Boulevard
Rockford, Illinois 61107

Dear Mr. Martin:

Kathy Quinn told me you were looking for someone to fill the position of Finance and Information Systems Manager. She suggested that the position description matched my qualifications very closely, and that I should look into it.

She also gave you a draft copy of my resume. Enclosed is a finalized version. I do understand that the particular position mentioned above may not be a possibility at this time. Nevertheless, I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you. Condensing a 17-year career into a two-page resume necessarily omits many significant achievements that may be of interest to you.

Everything I know about Digital leads me to believe that "DEC" is the kind of organization where I could fully utilize my skills, experience and education, and make a valuable contribution.

Please note that I am presently an MBA student, majoring in Management Information Systems. I will be awarded the degree in June, 20— and will take the CPA exam soon thereafter.

Thank you for looking this over. I want to meet at your convenience, and I will call you in the next week or two.

Let's talk further,

James T. Evergreen


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