Follow Up After Referral From Friend For R&D/Manufacturing #1

212 Old Lake Road | Worthington, Ohio 43085
H: 216-734-8135 | C: 216-744-9873 |

July 25, 20—

Dr. Milton Bennett
Vice President, Technical Resources
Service and Technology Department
TRW, Inc.
19 Bridgestone Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44124

Dear Dr. Bennett:

Ron Price discussed my interest in TRW with you recently. My nearly 20 years in contract research has involved the development of close working relationships with various levels of industrial management in the United States and Japan. From this experience, I bring certain strengths that I believe could be effectively utilized by TRW:

  • Very broad technical interests and understanding;
  • The ability to understand technology in strategic business terms; and,
  • Excellent people management skills.
I am seeking a position in line management, program management or technology planning that allows me to use these strengths in a creative environment. An acceptable salary level would be contingent upon the nature of the job and the location. The Cleveland area is especially attractive right now because of my wife's employment situation. I will call you in a week or so and answer any questions that you might have.

I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.

Very truly yours,

Richard A. Petersen


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