Follow Up After Reply From Want Ad

Susan is a go-getter. She's always enthusiastic, and this letter shows it. Here's the situation: She has answered a want ad. The job fits her beautifully. So when the company merely acknowledges they have received her resume, she seizes the opportunity to do more selling. She writes back enthusiastically. That's the way to do it. Don't put these replies in manila folders and file them--not until you've taken action! 

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August 3, 20—

Ms. Nancy K. Rawlins
Research Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Department 578
211 Carnegie Center
Princeton, New Jersey 08540-6213

Dear Ms. Rawlins:

Thank you for acknowledging receipt of my resume. I am anxious to hear from you concerning a time we can get together and discuss my background and objectives further.

I am most impressed with the Research commitment and quality of its products for the consumer. I have been marketing and retailing the ostomy and urological products from your HealthTek Division for the past five years. This is the kind of corporation I want to be associated with and especially to represent in this area.

In my present management position, I have just completed developing a mail order catalog system, the first of its kind in our corporation, which is expected to generate an additional $1,800,000 annually to our present revenue locally. This has created a great deal of excitement with our regional office and is expected to be spread to our other 400 stores across the country.

The recent completion of my Certificate in Management from the graduate school at the University of Denver gives me added confidence to broaden my business administration responsibilities and become a top-notch representative for Research Pharmaceuticals in the Denver area.

I am certainly looking forward to hearing from you again soon!


Susan J. Ottinger

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