Follow Up After Telephone Call For MIS

295 Treetop Lane N.W. | Ft. Collins, Colorado 80521
C: 303-578-2929 | H: 303-759-3981 |

January 20, 20—

Mr. Glenn T. Gordon
Xerox Equipment Corporation
Human Resources Department
3000 Southern Boulevard
Ft. Collins, Colorado 80521

Dear Mr. Gordon:

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me on the telephone last week, regarding the status of the Finance and Information Systems Manager position at Xerox. I appreciate your candor and encouragement.

Since you indicated I would be considered for the position should the decision to "look outside" be made, I have enclosed a summary of my recent career accomplishments. This summary should indicate the range of my abilities, and the kinds of results I have achieved.

Please do not hesitate to telephone should you have any questions or wish additional information.

Best regards,

Douglas P. Arnold, Jr.


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