Show Persistence For Reporter/Writer #1

Don't take "no" for an answer, because "no" doesn't mean never; it means "not right now." Keep all your options open. Never close a door on yourself. Just remember, marketing is . . .
  1. Working magic.
  2. Actualizing, making things happen.
  3. Finding out what people think they need and giving it to them. (Not making them need what you've got.)
  4. A pleasant "can do" attitude. Infectious enthusiasm ("I like you . . . I like your carpet, etc.").
  5. Keeping all the doors open. Never closing a door. Never being rude, short, or unkind--no matter how disappointed.
  6. Trying all the avenues.
  7. Making it a job. Working your buns off. "With part-time efforts, you get part-time results."
  8. Knowing what you want. Having written goals.
  9. Meeting as many people as possible in as short a time as possible. (Visibility.)
  10. Always following up.
  11. Not accepting rejection.
  12. Not making excuses.
  13. Staying busy.
  14. Not quitting until you reach your goals. 
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September 16, 20—

Mr. Butch Montoya
News Director
KUSA-Channel 9
1089 Bannock Sreet
Denver, Colorado 80204

Dear Mr. Montoya,

Thank you for your letter dated August 28, 20—.

Even though there are no openings currently at KUSA, I want you to know I'm still interested.

I'm a "content" man, able to squeeze every drop out of a story. And my drive, enthusiasm and energy, most agree, are astounding.

My tenacity in getting the most out of a story is made manifest by my recent revelation that actress Shirley MacLaine plans to open the first of her spiritual centers here in Colorado. I fought long and hard for that story and I broke it first.

Let's at least meet for a cup of coffee. I want to show you how my assets are too valuable to forego.

I'll call in a few days to arrange a time to meet.

Sincerely yours,

Brad C. Bawmann
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