Show Persistence For Reporter/Writer #2

203 East Exposition Avenue | Denver, Colorado 80209
H: 303-342-4638 | C: 720-809-9158 |

June 17, 20—

Mr. Scott Wade
The Denver Post
650 - 15th Street
Denver, Colorado 80201

Dear Mr. Wade,

A no simply won't do. I can help make The Denver Post the newspaper it aspires to be.

My news sense is made manifest by your paper frequently replaying my scoops. A more tenacious, aggressive reporter you won't find.

My drive, energy and enthusiasm are enough for three people. I will work for you like no other.

Let's talk.

Some say times are tough at The Post. I prefer to think you're rebuilding for the future.

I'm ready to be with the best. Are you ready to have the best?

I'll call in a few days to set up a time to meet.

Sincerely yours,

Brad C. Bawmann

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