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July 24, 20––


Mr. George L. Reisinger
Managing Partner
Sigma Group, Inc.
717 17th Street, Suite 1440
Denver, Colorado 80202

Dear Mr. Reisinger:

On February 22nd, following a change in the ownership of the company, I left my position as President/CEO of National Industries. I had served on the Board of Directors of that company for the past six years and had directed its operations for the past four years. During that time the company gained a significant share of the market throughout the world as a direct result of improved product quality, improved order fill rates, creative marketing programs and new products.

Also, under my direction, two new assembly operations were successfully established in Mexico and the company has nearly completed a major relocation of much of its operations from Denver and Cheyenne to a brand new facility in Atlanta. My total compensation package at National Industries was approximately $250,000 per annum.

I am interested in finding a challenging CEO or Division President position (or CFO with a $500 million plus organization) commensurate with my skills and background, which would offer an opportunity for a meaningful equity participation and/or performance bonus(es). I am a global-thinking executive who believes both in serving the marketplace and in positive cash flow. I would be very valuable to the right organization.

My preference would be to relocate back to Southern California, although I would be receptive to relocation elsewhere for the proper opportunity.

A copy of my resume is enclosed (solely for your internal use), and I was hoping you might have an open search for which I would qualify as a candidate. Please feel free to call should you have any questions.

Best regards,

Charles D. Waldron

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