Thank You For Job-Search Help For Counselor

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February 22, 20––

Becky Garfield
Vice President Finance
United Technologies
Washington, D.C. 20380

Dear Becky:

I've just accepted a position with Jewish Family Services as a Career Counselor/Job Developer. The position offers an opportunity to refine my skills in doing workshops, individual and group counseling, job development and job placement.

I'd like to share some thoughts with you about these past two years,
the completion of my career change, and the beginning of the next stage of the journey. You played a part in making my career change a success. You're part of an important network of people who provided the advice, suggestions, referrals and support that helped bring to life my career change.

To use the garden metaphor, you helped provide the necessary sunlight, temperature, moisture, soil and nurturing. I provided the seed. Together we did it! My new career has sprouted and, along with it, an amazing feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Thank you!

John Haag
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