Sierra Club Calendar

For many years I sent Sierra Club Wilderness Calendars to friends and clients. The photos were stunning and the calendar was substantial: 11" wide and 27" high. I sent 25 the first year, 50 the second year, and ultimately mailed 300 calendars each November.

This generated a tremendous amount of goodwill, especially since no advertising—including our company name—ever appeared on the calendar. The calendars come individually boxed, ready for mailing, and the box is folded such that you can slide a note inside.

Footnote: Mailing the calendars in November was a marketing win. They arrived just before the Colorado Human Resource Association's annual Christmas party. While HR leaders were thanking me for their calendars, competitors nearby were fuming. I like that.

December 15, 20—

Tammy Hatherly
Quipmed Consulting
505 North Michigan Avenue, STE 2900
Chicago, IL 60611

Dear Tammy

December is a magic time of year—the end of the old, the beginning of the new. And no matter how good yesterday was, tomorrow can be much better.

December is the time to re-think your direction, to correct your course. It's the time to make bold plans, to dream big dreams, to risk new beginnings.

Most of all—in the heart of winter—December is the month to reaffirm your belief in yourself and in your future.

 We hope you'll take us with you on your far-reaching journeys, wherever they might take you. We'd like to come along.

Your friends at CareerLab,
[Eight consultants signed here.]

P.S.—The Sierra Club Wilderness Calendar is symbolic of the bright, new year . . . full of hope and pleasant surprises. We know it'll be your best year ever.

Sierra Club Wilderness Calendar
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