Warning of Disappointment

Our company had ownership in a startup interim executive business, a service to place high-level executives in companies for short assignments.  Two of my friends who had founded a technology company were seeking outside capital, and possibly additional leadership. 

They applied to the interim executive group for assistance and I heard via the grapevine that they were going to be turned down.  I wanted to warn them in advance of what was coming. Darren was President of the Interim Executives, and they were seeking additional funding in Houston.

Connor and Jeannie,

I haven't spoken to the interim guys today, but apparently, as we expected, they have decided not to go further with your company.  They sent you a brief letter to that effect today.

I think Jeannie's suggestion Friday (forming an LLC, then seeking funding with a finder's fee) sounded perfect for everyone, and I told Darren so. Apparently, they are not listening to me.

Considering how they have treated you, I'd say this is for the best.

I have had this on my mind for the last few weeks—as I know you have—and I'm sorry I got you involved in something that didn't help, but actually added to your difficulties.

Please keep me advised of your progress in Houston, and elsewhere.


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