After Sales Meeting #1

After an exciting sales meeting, I follow up same-day with something: a note, a package, a work sample, a resource, an introduction—something. Hitting the ball back into their court quickly and forcefully says, "I'm really in this game. I'm taking it seriously."  

In this case, the client wanted references. As part of our sales effort, I offered to introduce Céleste, his new Human Resources Manager, to my friends at a Colorado Human Resources Association meeting, where I'd been heavily involved for many years. We received this assignment and billed more than $100,000.


Great meeting yesterday!

You have a wonderful company, and it's good to get to know you. We're pulling a list of references together and will send contact information in the next few days.

In the meantime, I'll meet Céleste at the CHRA luncheon and begin introducing her around.

Thanks for this opportunity,

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