After Sales Meeting #3

I made a team sales call to a potential client who was shopping for executive outplacement. These kinds of personalized notes almost always produce business.

From: William S. Frank
To: Roderic  Schuth
Date: 17 May 20— 15:23:25 -0600
Subject: Roddy, Thanks for Wednesday


Thanks for a delightful meeting Wednesday. Although you had lost your voice, you asked some pointed and helpful questions which we really appreciated. Those kinds of meetings are stimulating and thought-provoking—and lots of fun! So thank you for the time and effort.

There's no question we can help with your senior executive outplacement. It's what we do, all day, every day.  Having been at it for 20 years in Denver, we've got a pretty good idea what's going to come next, and we have all the systems in place to support even the most demanding of candidates.

You're always cordial and friendly, Roddy, and we enjoyed the chance to meet with you. Good luck in the upcoming weeks. Every time I see Equipmects in a headline, I think of you and wish you well.


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